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Beneficiary List (Plan Scheme, OBC & SC)

Economic Development Programme (EDP) OBC 1. Knapsack Sprayer    2020-21Notification.Beneficiaries List.     2019-20Notification.Beneficiaries List.2. Poultry Rearing       2020-21Notification.Beneficiaries List.       2019-20Notification.Beneficiaries List.3. TailoringNo. D/1/EDP/OBC&SC:/319       In continuation of the previous notification of even no. dated 22nd February, 2019, it is hereby informed to all the selected beneficiaries under different schemes that they may collect Delivery Slip from the concerned Scheme Officer from 10th…

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Beneficiary List(Scholarship Schemes,OBC & SC)

OBC Scholarship Scheme OBC Pre-Matric Scholarship2020-21Unsuccessful Scholarship TransactionNotification.List of Student.PFMS validation FailNotifcation.List of Student.e-disbursement of scholarshipNotification.Student List.Unsuccessful scholarship transaction.Notification.Student List.e-disbursement of scholarshipNotification.Student List.Bank Account Validation failed on PFMSNotification.Student List.Bank Account Validation failed on PFMSNotification.Student List.Tentative eligible student listNotification.Student List.2019-20PFMS validation FailNotifcation.List of Student.Student who have not submitted their bank account details under PFMS Validation Failed category for the year 2019-20Notification.List of students.e-Disbursement (PFMS-2nd Batch)Notification.List of students.Bank…

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OBCs & SCs Website - legal disclaimer OBCs & SCs, (Government of Manipur ) is committed to the highest standard of quality information and every attempt has been made to present up to date and accurate information.However, the OBCs & SCs, (Government of Manipur ) gives no warranty as to the accuracy of the information on this web site and accepts no liability for any loss,…

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Annual Reports

Annual Administrative Reports   Annual Administrative Report 2017-18   Annual Administrative Report 2014-15   Annual Administrative Report 2013-14      

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